New in ScreenSteps - Publish Complete Manuals to WordPress

Posted by Greg DeVore


We are happy to announce that after a lot of customer feedback and working closely with some heavy WordPress users, we have a brand new ScreenSteps/WordPress integration. 


Fill up Your Zendesk Knowledge Base with Better Help Articles

Posted by Jonathan DeVore

We're happy to announce a new and improved Zendesk integration. It now works with Zendesk Legacy AND Help Center, is a much faster setup, and has a tighter integration with Zendesk so that you can author everything in ScreenSteps.


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3 things your customer documentation says about your B2B software company

Posted by Greg DeVore

MandMs-300x225Since the goal of a how-to guide is to allow customers to help themselves, most businesses only think of documentation in terms of how it will impact their customer support.

But your how-to guides and documentation can also communciate a lot about your business.

Whenever I am getting ready to start using a new product or service, I instantly look at the company's help site. Granted, I develop online documentation software, so I am probably a bit more aware of this than others, but a company's help/documentation site can tell me a lot about what it will be like to work with them.

Here are three things I know about you if you have a great documentation site:

1. You are organized

I have never seen a disorganized company put together a great documentation site. A great documentation site sends a clear signal about how organized your company is.

A great example of this is the Van Halen Brown M&M's. Van Halen used to have a rider in their contract that required the promoters to provide a bowl of M&M's with all of the brown ones removed. A lot of people thought this was just them being divas. But Snopes explains the real reason:


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ScreenSteps is Going to Inbound 2013

Posted by jdevore


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3 Tips to Transform Your Nonprofit's Salesforce Training and User Adoption Program

Posted by jdevore

Salesforce-integration-300x218Several nonprofit organizations struggle when it comes to effectively training staff on how to use Salesforce, and increasing user and management adoption.

In a recent blog post on the 4 key challenges nonprofit organizations face when implementing Salesforce, Sam Dorman noted that:

Even when the technical side is done well, it can still be hard to get staff to actually use the fact, staff adoption shows up as one of the most significant challenges across all types of organizations."

I'm going to share 3 tips that can help you improve your Salesforce training, and then show you a Salesforce integration that will completely overhaul your training program and boost user adoption---and we're giving it to nonprofits for a fraction of the normal price.


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The Zendesk Linked Ticket App - How to install and use it

Posted by Greg DeVore

Do you ever get tickets in Zendesk that ask three or more questions in the same ticket? They can be a real pain to manage because you can lose track of which question is answered and which is still unresolved.

To solve this problem, there is a great Zendesk app that lets you create "Linked tickets." Basically, you split a ticket up into related tickets that all link back to the parent ticket. It's a great productivity tool but the setup instructions are a bit vague. So we went ahead and created the tutorial below to make it easier to set things up.

Before you install app

Before you can install the app you need to do a little bit of setup. You need to create a ticket field that will store the id of the parent ticket. Here is how to do it.

Add a Ticket Field

    1. Select Ticket Fields
    2. Select add custom field

Select Text type

You want to choose a Text field type.

Name the field "Linked Data" and Add field

Select edit

You will now see all of your ticket fields. But you need to get the id of the new ticket field you just created. So select edit.

Copy the ticket field id number


Install the App

Select the App

    1. Select Gear icon
    2. Select Productivity Tools
    3. Select Linked Ticket App

Select Install App

Enter Ancestry Field and install

Remember that text field id you copied down earlier? You need it now. Enter it in the Ancestry Field field. The Child Tag is completely optional.

Use it

Find a ticket where someone is asking multiple questions in the same ticket.

Select Create Ticket.

These are the settings I use

    1. I keep the requester the same and then assign it to the right person at our company.
    2. I give it a new title that identifies the part of the ticket I am splitting out.
    3. I check Copy current ticket description. That will put the current description in the edit field. I can then delete the parts that don't pertain to this ticket.

Here it is edited down. Then click Create Ticket.

You'll see this in the sidebar

You will now have a brand new ticket. A link to the child ticket will appear in the sidebar.

That's it

That's all there is to it. You can now easily split up complicated tickets and have the right people in your organization answer them.

And if you want to get your team to fill up your Zendesk knowledge base with great content in less time, please take a look at our product, ScreenSteps. It lets your team collaborate on visual documentation and automatically publish it to Zendesk.


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How our Support Processes Helped us Handle 60,000 New MacHeist Customers

Posted by jdevore


Back in 2010, Greg wrote an article about his experience purchasing software from MacHeist, called "Build the Ark Before the Flood." 

His experience with developers who sold their software through MacHeist had not always been great - mainly because they clearly weren't prepared for the volume of support requests that were going to come their way.

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to be on the other side of the MacHeist fence - our app, Clarify, was featured as part of the MacHeist NanoBundle 3. It was our chance to really put to test the support processes we have established over the last couple of years.


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If You Don't Support Your Customers, You're Not Going to Have Any

Posted by jdevore


I was looking at a recent bundle from StackSocial and was just about to purchase it so that I could get one product - but before I made the plunge, I wanted to read some reviews to see what others were saying.

Some reviews said that the program crashed all the time. Okay, that's a problem, but it's not a huge issue because bug fixes come out all of the time and that matter could quickly be resolved. But then I saw another review that sort of caught my attention - "Beware of any company that has this level of service (none)."

Oh my! Well, one review can be ignored, right? But then I saw another review - "You will never get any support." And then another... and another.

Well... that did it for me. I don't really have time to work with an application that doesn't have any support.


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Are You Waiting to Get Burned Before You Document?

Posted by jdevore


Somebody approached me the other day asking for some assistance with creating documentation for internal procedures and processes. I asked why they wanted to start documenting, and the answer was very interesting.

"I've already been burned twice - I don't want to get burned again."

After some explanation, I learned that on two occasions, key employees had left somewhat hastily - along with them went all of the operational knowledge for doing their job.

Hiring a replacement was almost impossible because nobody knew what the replacement would do - so before anybody could be hired, the individual I was speaking with had to figure it out from scratch... twice.


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7 Steps to Taking a Real Vacation

Posted by jdevore

383843_4489788526977_1404251285_nSpring is in the air! The weather is warm, the flowers are in bloom, and my allergies are driving me nuts! 

Despite my allergies, I love this time of year because it's full of hours by the pool, food off the grill, and one or two vacations.

Although... you know what I've been noticing the last few years? More often than not, I end up having to do work during my time away from work!

And that's no good. A vacation is no vacation if I'm accompanied by office tasks and responsibilities everywhere I go!

So even though the trend seems to be leaning more and more to making vacations workactions, I'm not accepting that fate. And frankly, neither should you! To help you take a real vacation this Spring or Summer, I've outlined 7 steps that will prepare you to make it happen.


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