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3 Reasons it Takes so Long For Call Center Reps to be Proficient

Jonathan DeVore - Oct 22, 2020 2:03:00 PM

Is it taking longer than you’d like for your new call center reps to be proficient at handling calls, and you’re not really sure why? 

Topics: Documentation- Call-Center

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Using the Workbook Download to Document Your Processes

Jonathan DeVore - Oct 21, 2020 12:18:45 PM

If you've downloaded the workbook to begin capturing your processes, you may be wondering, "How am I supposed to fill this thing out?"

To help you out, here's a 5-minute video that walks you through the steps of getting your knowledge out of your head and into a guide.

Topics: Documentation- Call-Center

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A Quick ScreenSteps Demonstration for Call Centers

Jonathan DeVore - Oct 20, 2020 4:57:10 PM

If you're not familiar with what ScreenSteps is, no worries! We created this helpful video to give you a high level overview of what ScreenSteps is and how it will help you help your call center create better guides for your reps.

Topics: Call-Center

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A Quick ScreenSteps Demonstration

Jonathan DeVore - Oct 16, 2020 12:54:47 PM

If you're not familiar with what ScreenSteps is, no worries! We created this helpful video to give you a high level overview of what ScreenSteps is and how it will help you help your business.

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The True Cost of Training a New Agent in the Call Center

Rebecca Lane - Oct 9, 2020 11:10:20 AM



Topics: Call-Center

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What is Time to Proficiency and how does it affect your call center?

Greg DeVore - Sep 24, 2020 9:48:39 AM

Call Centers love metrics. We talk about QA scores, CSAT scores, Average Handle Time, Hold Time, etc., etc. But how much do you know about Time to Proficiency and how it affects your call center?

In this article we are going to dive deep into Time to Proficiency. We will answer the following questions:

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Why you shouldn't use ScreenSteps to create PDFs (and when you should)

Greg DeVore - Sep 22, 2020 7:49:27 AM

So, you just started a trial of ScreenSteps because someone told you it would be really easy to create guides with screenshots in them. Or maybe you just stumbled across ScreenSteps while you were searching around for a way to speed up the process of creating the help guides you need for your team.

And at this point, all you really want is to be able to create a Word or PDF file that you can give to people during training. You don't want to have to deal with publishing a knowledge base or having to send people logins to a new system.

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How Can You Write Better Call Guides for Reps Scheduling Medical Patients?

Jonathan DeVore - Sep 21, 2020 5:05:17 PM

Are your agents struggling with patient scheduling? Especially during the pandemic when protocols seems to change almost on a daily basis?

We recorded a discussion over Zoom to talk about some challenges you will experience when you try to create call guides for reps who are scheduling medical patients. The discussion is broken up into several segments so you can scroll down to the section that interests you the most. Enjoy!

Topics: Call-Center- workflow article

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What Would ScreenSteps Consulting and Implementation Services Help Me Do?

Jonathan DeVore - Sep 17, 2020 10:34:08 AM

When you purchase ScreenSteps, you may need help migrating your existing processes and procedures into ScreenSteps and/or creating new ones from scratch. You can either do it all yourself, or you can partner with us to help out. Check out the video below and keep reading to see what the ScreenSteps consulting and implementation services include, and whether it's something you should consider.

Topics: consulting

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How Will Trainers Be Able to Do Their Job Better With ScreenSteps?

Jonathan DeVore - Sep 16, 2020 11:04:21 AM

If you are in charge of training employees (or you are in charge of creating training materials) and your organization is planning on using ScreenSteps, you might be wondering how you will use ScreenSteps to train employees. So in this post, I’m going to explain how ScreenSteps can help you become an even more valuable as a teacher/trainer/content creator.

Topics: Training- Learning

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