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3 Reasons it Takes so Long For Call Center Reps to be Proficient

Using the Workbook Download to Document Your Processes

A Quick ScreenSteps Demonstration for Call Centers

A Quick ScreenSteps Demonstration

The True Cost of Training a New Agent in the Call Center

What is Time to Proficiency and how does it affect your call center?

Why you shouldn't use ScreenSteps to create PDFs (and when you should)

How Can You Write Better Call Guides for Reps Scheduling Medical Patients?

What Would ScreenSteps Consulting and Implementation Services Help Me Do?

How Will Trainers Be Able to Do Their Job Better With ScreenSteps?

How to measure the ROI of ScreenSteps in your call center

How to write your first call flow if your call center doesn't have documented procedures

How Will My Call Center Reps Use ScreenSteps?

What Type of Procedures and Guides Should You Send us?

What's the Process for Filling Up ScreenSteps with Content?

CCW Workshop | 4 Keys to Great Call Center Guides

Are your call flows a little messy? Do you want to improve them?

How to write a call flow in Word

How to format your Call Flows in Word to make them more effective

Is ScreenSteps HIPAA Compliant?

How does Confluence compare with ScreenSteps for use as a training knowledge base?

Is ScreenSteps an alternative to WalkMe in my call center?

Should I replace my Sharepoint Knowledge Base with ScreenSteps?

What would cause a ScreenSteps implementation to fail at my contact center?

Why you should have us load one of your training guides into ScreenSteps for you

If I use scripts in ScreenSteps, won't my agents sound robotic?

Common Questions We Get About Using ScreenSteps with Call Agents

Zero Memorization Training Guide for Contact Centers

How Can ScreenSteps Help Your Contact Center?

Five Things to do During Your ScreenSteps Trial

How is Authoring in ScreenSteps Different than Authoring in Word?

What Does a Zero-Memorization Knowledge Base Look Like?

What Does Zero-Memorization Training Look Like?

What is Zero-Memorization Training?

4 Strategies for Remote Call Center Training

Prevent Agents From Giving Outdated Advice When Procedures Change at a Medical Practice

How to Prevent Agents From Saying the Wrong Words When Things Change at a Financial Institution

3 Tips for Communicating Changes to Work From Home Call Center Agents

3 Ways You Can Support and Train Remote Workers with an Online Knowledge Base

How to Deal with a Rapid Transition to Virtual Learning

The 4 Most Effective Digital Transformation Strategies

The Expert Guide to Successful CRM Training

4 Benefits of a Standard Operating Procedures Training Manual

The 4 Key Steps to Creating a CRM Training Manual

What Does Scenario-based Training Look Like?

Why You Need Scenario-Based Training

How to Improve Your Company Training Process

How to Build an Effective Customer Support Manual for Your Team

How I Turned a Poorly Formatted 'If/Then' Troubleshooting Guide Into an Awesome Workflow Article

Why You Need to Create Expert Templates For Customers and Employees

5 Metrics That Improved at a Support Center Because of ScreenSteps

Article Makeover: Modifying a Chargify Help Article Using Workflows

Article Makeover: Modifying a FullStory Help Article Using Workflows

3 Reasons Workflow Articles Make Operating Procedures Easier to Read

How to Convert Articles With Foldable Sections Into Workflow Articles

How to Turn Your Flowcharts Into Workflow Articles With ScreenSteps

The Best Way to Write a Workflow Article – Replicate a Support Call

One Reason Your Support Articles Are Not Deflecting Customer Tickets

2 Tips for Improving Adoption of Your Knowledge Base

3 New Features Coming That Simplify Complex Procedures

Pruning the ScreenSteps Knowledge Base

7 Myths About Training Employees and Temps

Grow Your Knowledge Base By Repurposing Word, PowerPoint, and Video

4 Tips for Documenting Your Know-how So You Can Delegate Tasks and Jobs

The #1 Mistake Instructors Make During Classroom Training

Make Complex Procedures Easier to Understand With 3 Tools in ScreenSteps

Your Call Center Agents Don't Want to Feel Stupid [Video]

How to fill your knowledge base in less time

7 Reasons Change Management Consultants Should Use ScreenSteps Instead of PowerPoint For Handoff Training

Resisting the Temptation to “Teach it all”

Improve Your Training: Create an Outcome Statement to Improve Employee Performance

4 Steps to Automate How You Teach New Employees Your Company Policies, Procedures, and Processes

1 Job Aid Your Support Reps Really Need - Part 2

1 Job Aid Your Support Reps Really Need - Part 1

3 Missing Elements You Need to Include in Employee Onboard Training

One Idea That Will Clarify the Purpose of Your Training 

Inline Links - A Better Way to Reuse Content

7 Expert Tips To Keep a Virtual Training Session Lively

Four Rules to Improve Your Training

3 Ways to Use ScreenSteps: Save Time, Eliminate Mistakes and Apply Knowledge

Are You Helping Your Employees Succeed When They Forget?

5 Thoughts on Teaching and Learning

Can You Reduce Mistakes Without Training?

Checklists and Groups (New ScreenSteps Employee Training Platform Features)

Create a Table of Contents in an Article

Reducing Cognitive Load During Training

New in ScreenSteps: Set Viewing Permissions on a Per Article Basis

New ScreenSteps Feature: Revision Notes

Teaching vs. Reminding

Your PowerPoint Deck is Not Your Documentation

Condense Your Documentation with Foldable Sections

How Wide Should My Screenshots Be?

Providing Your Customers with a Clear Path to Success

Helping Customers Define Their Goals

Components of Customer Success

3 Mistakes You Are Making When Onboarding New SaaS Users

3 Ways Documentation Can Help Your Enterprise Software Product

Chunking Information to Make It Easier For Your Attendees to Retain

5 Ways ScreenSteps Makes Your Company Look More Professional

How to Cover Everything in Your One Hour Corporate Training Session

5 Ways ScreenSteps Helps New Documentation Managers Do Their Job Better

Converting a Word File to Publish to Zendesk

How ScreenSteps Helps Enterprise Software Companies Deliver Customer Success with Better Documentation

Documentation Ninja Tricks: Changing Text on a Web Page for a Screenshot

Onboarding Review: Kajabi

How to Evaluate your Documentation

How to Know What Customer Support Articles you Need to Write

One Overlooked Reason Your SaaS Isn't Being Adopted

Do your customer support articles answer more than one question? (They shouldn't)

Education through the Customer Lifecycle: Onboarding, Training, Teaching and Support

My 3 Rules for Onboarding Customers to a SaaS Product

ScreenSteps is Making an Impact (Customer Survey Results)

It’s time to put your product documentation on the web

You Just Got Put In Charge of Your Product Documentation - Where to Start

Should you restrict access to your product documentation?

14 Examples of Documentation Mistakes You Are Making

What makes a successful self-service article?

A Beautiful New Template For Your Knowledge Base

How to Organize your B2B Software Knowledge Base

Who's in charge of The Docs?

Optimizing your knowledge base article titles for search

The 5 Stages of Writing a Help Article

ScreenSteps vs. MadCap Flare or RoboHelp

2 Reasons Customers Aren't Using Your Self-Service

ScreenSteps vs. Zendesk: Help Article Authoring

Fill up Your Zendesk Knowledge Base with Better Help Articles

10 Examples of Great End User Documentation

3 things your customer documentation says about your B2B software company

ScreenSteps is Going to Inbound 2013

3 Tips to Transform Your Nonprofit's Salesforce Training and User Adoption Program

The Zendesk Linked Ticket App - How to install and use it

How our Support Processes Helped us Handle 60,000 New MacHeist Customers

If You Don't Support Your Customers, You're Not Going to Have Any

Are You Waiting to Get Burned Before You Document?

7 Steps to Taking a Real Vacation

Having Trouble Outsourcing? Here Are 5 Steps To Help You Get Going

What's One Thing You're Doing That You Could Out-Task?

What Enables Your Business to Survive Today Might Kill it Tomorrow

​SharePoint's Knowledge Base Software Won't Cut it

The #1 Risk Factor Organizations Ignore When it Comes to Employee Turnover

Increase Productivity at Work by Making a Checklist

If You Want to Increase Productivity at Work, You Need to Make Yourself Replaceable

3 Communication Tools I Use Daily to Increase Productivity

3 Writing Tools I Use Everyday to Increase My Productivity

How to Increase Productivity At Work By Creating A Turnkey Business

If You Want to Increase Productivity At Work, You Need to Get Organized

What's the point of getting the best help-desk software if you don't track its effectiveness?

You can't delegate if you don't document

Why would you buy Clarify if you already own ScreenSteps?

The Ultimate How-to Guide for Creating Killer Documentation

Docs that Rock Whiteboard Video: Do it, Don't Finish It

3 Tips for Keeping Your Documentation Up to Date

Road maps and Roadblocks

The Hidden Power of an Online Manual

What if your GPS acted like a typical user guide?

An Introduction to Clarify

Why Web Video Sucks and Why This Video Rocks

Screencasts vs. ScreenSteps vs. Single Image Capture

Are You Communicating or Just Writing?

It's Not What Your Software Does, It's What People Do With Your Software

The Day the Docs Died

5 tips for offering online chat support without going crazy

Moving Beyond Customer Support: Focusing on Customer Success

Handling Zendesk Tickets When an Agent Goes on Vacation

Building Scalable Support - Lessons Learned From the Chargify Price Increase

Turn Your FAQ into an FUA (Frequently Updated Answers)

Great Customer Service Starts With Keeping Promises

Software Documentation: Talking About Learning Styles is a Red Herring

Adding Screen Captures to Software Documentation Part 2: Avoid the Octopus

Adding Screen Captures to Software Documentation: Getting the Size Right

Software Documentation, the Customer Help Desk and Twitter - Tying it All Together

Who Should Write Your Software Documentation? Not Tech Pubs

Zendesk Customizations - Using Javascript to Customize the Main Navigation Bar

The Key to Effective Communications - Scope vs. Detail

Online Help Documentation - 5 Keys To Making It Work

Creating a Web Knowledge Base? - Add Screen Captures to Increase Effectiveness

Paste Adjustments in Screenflow With a Video Action

Paste Zoom and Pan Settings From One Clip to Another in Screenflow

Improving Audio In Screenflow Using GarageBand

Rotating Video with Screenflow

Recovering From a Disasterous Git-rebase mistake

Does Your Documentation Connect the Dots?

Plan to Not Plan

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