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How to Build a Resilient Call Center

Greg DeVore - Nov 17, 2020 11:30:38 AM

Call centers deal with a lot of change! Especially in the year 2020. Everyone has had to think about redundancy, business continuity plans, staffing, work from home, and a whole host of other issues. 

Topics: Training- Call-Center

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Workshop: Building a Resilient Call Center Training Program

Greg DeVore - Oct 30, 2020 12:46:48 PM

We all have to deal with change — especially if you work in a call center! Change can cause chaos, which is often manifested through longer training times, decreased QA scores, increased hold time, etc.

But it is possible to build a training program that is resilient to change. 

In this recorded web training, we explain how you can create a training program that can handle changes in people (new hires), processes, or location (WFH or on site).

Watch the 30-minute video below to learn how, or jump to the section you need with the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents:

0:50 – What do your customers want?
1:42 – How can you give customers what they want when you are going through change?
4:54 – Keys to building a resilient plan
5:18 – How do you systematize a call?
6:10 – Zero Memorization
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9:34 – Step 1: Identify and systematize your calls (with an example)
17:22 – Step 2: Turn those systems into searchable call flows (with an example)
23:03 – Step 3: Train agents to use the call flows
25:22 – Step 4: Iterate, improve, and adapt
29:34 – Build a resilient call center with ScreenSteps

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What is Time to Proficiency and how does it affect your call center?

Greg DeVore - Sep 24, 2020 9:48:39 AM

Call Centers love metrics. We talk about QA scores, CSAT scores, Average Handle Time, Hold Time, etc., etc. But how much do you know about Time to Proficiency and how it affects your call center?

In this article we are going to dive deep into Time to Proficiency. We will answer the following questions:

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Why you shouldn't use ScreenSteps to create PDFs (and when you should)

Greg DeVore - Sep 22, 2020 7:49:27 AM

So, you just started a trial of ScreenSteps because someone told you it would be really easy to create guides with screenshots in them. Or maybe you just stumbled across ScreenSteps while you were searching around for a way to speed up the process of creating the help guides you need for your team.

And at this point, all you really want is to be able to create a Word or PDF file that you can give to people during training. You don't want to have to deal with publishing a knowledge base or having to send people logins to a new system.

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How to measure the ROI of ScreenSteps in your call center

Greg DeVore - Sep 8, 2020 10:01:00 AM

Are you being asked to prove how ScreenSteps will benefit your call center? Don't you hate when you are super excited to implement something and those above you want proof that it will be worth it? It seems like so much extra work when you already know it's going to be worth it.

Don't worry. The good news is that proving a positive ROI with ScreenSteps is very easy, especially if you have reliable metrics. We love working with call centers that measure everything carefully because those call centers can quickly see how big of an impact ScreenSteps can make.

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How to write your first call flow if your call center doesn't have documented procedures

Greg DeVore - Sep 7, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Maybe you just got hired at your call center and have been tasked with creating call flows. Or maybe you have been working at the call center for a while now and have finally decided it is time to buckle down and write some call flows or call guides to support your agents.

Either way, the task can seem daunting. There is so much information to gather and so many questions:

  • What do you really need to include in a call flow?
  • What tools should you use to create the call flows?
  • What are best practices for writing the call flows?
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How to write a call flow in Word

Greg DeVore - Aug 21, 2020 5:11:43 PM

Life in a call center moves fast and as a trainer or director, it seems that there is always a new training issue that is cropping up. One task that can take a very long time is writing new call flows for your agents. While these guides can be helpful in reducing training time and eliminating mistakes, they can be time-consuming to create.

In our previous article, "How to format your Call Flows in Word to make them more effective”, we explained how to optimize your existing call flows. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to write a call flow from scratch. Following these tips will help you write call flows that are clear and effective in less time.

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How to format your Call Flows in Word to make them more effective

Greg DeVore - Aug 19, 2020 3:35:30 PM

They have many names. You might call them call flows, call guides, call scripts, or tip sheets. Regardless of what you call them, they all have the same purpose - to help your agents know what to say, ask, and do. But, if we are honest with ourselves, not all call flows (that's what we will call them for the sake of this article) do a great job of this. Agents may complain that they are hard to use, they may continue to make mistakes even when they are using them, or they may not use them at all.

Why? Because a lot of call flows are complicated. Sometimes you can simplify them, but sometimes the process the agent has to follow is complicated. And complicated things are hard to communicate. It would be wonderful if there really was that Staples button that could make everything "Easy", but unfortunately that only happens on TV.

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How does Confluence compare with ScreenSteps for use as a training knowledge base?

Greg DeVore - Aug 6, 2020 2:05:00 PM

So, you've decided that you need to move your training docs to an online knowledge base or wiki. You've heard of both Confluence and ScreenSteps but aren't sure what the real differences are and which one you should choose. In this article, I will try to highlight the differences between the two platforms and how effective they will be as a training and performance support platform in your business.

Why should you listen to me on this subject? I have been working in the knowledge management industry since 2003 and have talked with many people who are thrilled with or frustrated with both Confluence and ScreenSteps, so I can point out what people love and hate about each platform. Now, please be aware that I work for ScreenSteps, but I am going to do my best to give you an honest comparison of the two platforms for the specific purpose of training and supporting your employees. If your use case is different, then this article may not be that useful to you. My ultimate goal is to help you make the right decision on a knowledge management and training platform for your business.

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Is ScreenSteps an alternative to WalkMe in my call center?

Greg DeVore - Aug 4, 2020 1:53:02 PM

Are you considering WalkMe for your call center? It looks promising. The feature looks fantastic, but you are a little taken aback by the price? WalkMe comes with a hefty price tag, so you want to make sure you are making the right choice before you invest that much money.

And so you have started looking for other options and that is how you ended up here. In this short article I am going to point out some key differences between WalkMe and ScreenSteps and how both can benefit your call center. I'm the CEO of ScreenSteps and have been asked this question a lot of times since ScreenSteps often gets considered along with WalkMe. I'm going to do my best to answer your question impartially, but obviously I have a bias towards ScreenSteps.

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