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By: Greg DeVore on May 17th, 2024

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Podcast: The Power of Knowledge & Bootstrapping for 20 years

Is your onboarding routine coming up short? Is your knowledge base standing stagnant?

On this episode of the Startup Hustle podcast, ScreenSteps CEO Greg DeVore shares what he's learned over 20 years of bootstrapping ScreenSteps with the host Matt Watson.

This episode includes insights into:

  • The trick to replacing clunky manuals with a system to capture and organize knowledge faster
  • A tip for separating foundational and actionable knowledge
  • How ScreenSteps guides help employees stay "laser-focused"
  • Knowledge management and the revolution of knowledge management
  • The secrets to running a successful business with siblings

Listen to the 40-minute episode below. Or tune in wherever you listen to your podcasts, including on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and more.

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