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By: Amie Barder on June 15th, 2021

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What Type of Customer Support Does ScreenSteps Provide?

When it comes to starting a new vendor relationship, there’s almost nothing worse than finding the perfect match product-wise only to discover down the road that they provide terrible support.

We all have a support horror story we could share. Long wait times, rude agents, incomplete responses … the list can go on and on. It can be enough to make you wish you hadn’t chosen the product to begin with.

As a customer of countless software products myself, I can definitely say that I’ve been there — but never with ScreenSteps. In fact, I thought so highly of the company that I came to work for it as the Director of Customer Success.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of being a customer of ScreenSteps at my last three companies. I loved it so much during my first experience, I brought ScreenSteps along for the ride in each new role I took on.

Why did I stick with ScreenSteps for the last eight years? Two reasons: the value of the product and the level of service and support ScreenSteps provided.

So, how does ScreenSteps handle its customer support? What can you expect from ScreenSteps if you become a customer?

Here is everything you need to know about how ScreenSteps approaches customer support. More specifically, this is how ScreenSteps will take care of you, our customers.

What customer support is included with your ScreenSteps plan?

Any questions you have related to using the ScreenSteps product are included with your subscription. Implementation assistance or content strategy and coaching are offered as separately paid services (more on this later).

We have human support agents available to help with product support, meaning you receive help from an actual person and not a machine. We also provide self-service product support via our own ScreenSteps help site

As you’d expect, our articles and courses allow many of your questions to be answered independently after a quick search. As a result, we receive a relatively low number of support inquiries, which means we can reply to those inquiries faster (dogfooding FTW!).

How do you contact the support team?

There are multiple ways to contact the ScreenSteps support team. If you have questions or need help, you can reach out via three different channels.

Support ticket

Creating a support ticket immediately puts you into a queue to receive help. After a support ticket is initially created, ongoing communication happens via email.

There are a few ways to create a support ticket:

In-app chat

For quick questions where you’d prefer real-time support, you have the option of chatting with us. 

Within the admin area of your account, you’ll find a “?” button in the bottom-right corner of the page. (See the below screenshot.)

Click the question mark button and you’ll be served up some contextual help, if available. Or you can choose to start a chat by clicking “Send us a Message.”


If you prefer to call, you can reach the technical support team at the number on our contact page. Before you call, please email to open a ticket. 

We ask that you open a ticket first in order for us to get all the right details. Also, we may send links back with instructions or our IT team may send out screen sharing session links through the ticket or in-app chat.

We recommend contacting us through email or the in-app chat for the fastest results.

How long does it take for the support team to respond?

When you contact our support team and generate a ticket, the ScreenSteps team responds as quickly as they are able to. During business hours, our team responds to most tickets within an hour of creating the ticket.

If issues happen outside of business hours or on weekends, they are addressed in the order they came in during the next regular business hours.

What happens if there is an emergency?

In the case of an emergency, our team receives off-hours notifications and proactively handles the situation. We have system monitoring in place 24/7 to ensure that your teams always have access to your ScreenSteps account.

What qualifies as an emergency? An emergency is considered anything interfering with your agents having access to your account. If there is a server outage or the site becomes slow because of the server load, that is an emergency our team will handle immediately.

A common emergency situation our customers have found themselves in is losing access to their account when they let their Single Sign-On (SSO) SAML certificate expire. In those situations, we’ve provided a help guide to upload a new X.509 SAML Certificate to your ScreenSteps Authentication Endpoint here.

How is support different on the Enterprise Plan?

One-on-one video conference

Customers who choose the Enterprise Plan have more regular interactions with members of the ScreenSteps team. It includes a more personalized experience and one-on-one time with ScreenSteps experts. There are four main ways that support is different for the Enterprise Plan:

1. You have an account manager

Enterprise customers receive an account manager to help ensure they succeed. Your account manager works to understand your business operations and the needs that your employees or customers have. 

They may shadow your employees or your training programs to better understand the needs of your employees. Your account manager doesn’t give you generic feedback. Instead, you receive tailored advice for how to best serve your end-users in your company.

2. You receive regular check-ins

As an Enterprise customer, your account manager will meet with your ScreenSteps Account Owner on a weekly basis. During these meetings, we will go over any questions you have about creating content in ScreenSteps as well as increasing the adoption/usability of ScreenSteps. 

Your account manager also reviews your user metrics, search queries, and content and provides feedback about how you can continue to improve your knowledge base.

3. Your feature requests get priority consideration

ScreenSteps is always improving and we rely on our customers’ feedback to drive enhancements. We work closely with our Enterprise customers to understand what you need and prioritize feature requests.

4. You get first access to new features

ScreenSteps is regularly improving the platform and pushing out beta features. Enterprise customers get first access to the new features and help us shape what the final features look like and how they function.

We work closely with you on the implementation of your site and new features that are released.

What type of support costs extra?

Most support items are included with your ScreenSteps plan. There are rare occasions outside the realm of traditional support items that may cost additional fees. 

SSO is included with your ScreenSteps plan for basic integrations that our company already has in place. This includes Office 365, GSuite, Okta, OneLogin, Salesforce, and many others. If you need a more complex SSO configuration that is outside of our existing configurations, it will cost extra for the time our IT team needs to configure your SSO.

The other situation where it may cost more for support is in coaching. While all ScreenSteps customers get an onboarding meeting with a representative as well as access to the ScreenSteps help articles, you may feel like you’d like additional help. 

If you want additional one-on-one time between ScreenSteps experts and your contributors/admins, then you may want to purchase coaching services. Coaching opportunities include content strategy, content coaching, and customized author training. The cost of coaching depends on the hours you sign up for.

Content Strategy Coaching

Don’t know how to make a plan for your content? Our content strategy coach can help you identify your learning outcomes, the behaviors that need to change in order to see operational success, outline the content gaps, and develop a Learning & Development plan and playbook.

Content Coaching

If you need help training your contributors on creating learning assets in ScreenSteps, then a content coach can help you get started. ScreenSteps provides weekly coaching for your contributors, either as a group or one-on-one. 

In these meetings, the focus is on identifying what kind of asset will best serve the learning needs of the target group. Your contributors will become experts not only at using ScreenSteps but on creating and formatting learning assets that help your end-users perform.

Customized Author Training

While there are training instructions available to everyone, you will get customized author training to support your company’s needs. We will create tailored training material (articles, videos, courses) for your team of contributors.

What our customers say about their ScreenSteps experience

When you adopt new software for your company, it starts a partnership between the two businesses. You want your software partner to be there for you when you need assistance. 

ScreenSteps is dedicated to providing the best customer support possible. We value feedback from our customers and work to respond to them as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

G2 is a third-party review site that compares software and services for businesses. In June 2021, customers rated ScreenSteps at a 9.7 out of 10 for “Quality of Support” on G2’s site. Hear from our users about their experience using ScreenSteps

If you still have questions about customer support or want to talk through your specific situation, book a time to talk to one of our representatives. They will be happy to help you talk through your scenario and answer any questions.

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