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By: Rebecca Lane on May 21st, 2023

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How Does a Change Management Plan Impact a Company? (6 Benefits)

Change is the only constant in business … and in life.

That’s why every company needs a change management plan.

Even if you aren’t undergoing a major change at this moment, you still need a change management plan for your day-to-day micro changes.

The thing about change is that it has a domino effect. You might think making adding a step to a procedure won’t have a big impact on your business — but it does. That step could be the difference between an employee making a costly mistake. Without a change management plan, that minor change won’t get communicated to your employees.

So, how do you respond to those changes? When you have a change management plan, everyone knows what to do and how that information will be communicated.

Working from ScreenSteps — a knowledge ops solution — I’ve witnessed how having a plan along with the right software can make a business more agile.

Still need more convincing that you need a change management plan? Here’s an entire blog post dedicated to explaining the different types of change your organization can face, the reasons you need a change management plan, and the benefits of having one.

6 reasons every organization needs a change management plan

Here are six reasons why every organization needs a change management plan. A change management plan helps you. 

  1. Be more adaptable
  2. Fix problems
  3. Respond to market trends
  4. Grow your business
  5. Stay competitive
  6. Reduce risk

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5 benefits of having a change management plan

There are many benefits to having a change management plan. Overall, the main benefit is it helps your business be more adaptable. 

Other benefits include that it helps you:

  1. Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  2. Initiate change and launch faster
  3. Increase the likelihood of staying on budget
  4. Increase employee adoption
  5. Decrease risks
  6. Increase chances of success with change

Become an agile business — prepare for change today

Change won’t wait for you to come up with a plan. Change is happening right now in your company. Without a change management process, information is falling through the cracks. Luckily (and maybe a bit ironically), you can change that.

Learn how to create a change management plan for your business. As part of your change management process, you’ll need technology and frameworks to help you create a smooth process for implementing and communicating change.

The ScreenSteps knowledge ops platform helps businesses quickly update digital guides, so that employees have the correct information at their fingertips at all times. Then our notifications and announcements features help you immediately communicate changes to your employees.

But, that’s only part of a change management process. Follow these 13 steps to build your own change management strategy.

Create a Change Management Plan

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