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By: Jonathan DeVore on August 6th, 2021

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3 Consulting Services ScreenSteps Offers if You Have Existing Content

As you prepare to transfer your content into ScreenSteps, naturally, you want to make sure your existing learning materials and procedures aren’t lost. After all, you’ve put a lot of effort into those.

You have all these existing learning materials, policies, procedures, and job aids that you want to transfer into ScreenSteps. But getting all of your documentation into a new system can be challenging and time-consuming. Working in a new system can be intimidating and it can take time to understand how the software works.

When you are migrating your existing content into ScreenSteps, there are a few ways that the ScreenSteps team can support you. For the past eight years, I’ve helped customers smooth their transition to ScreenSteps so that they can get their site up and running faster.

Here are three different ways we help customers transfer existing content into the ScreenSteps system.

1. We can coach your team on how to do it

Nobody knows your content like you do, so it makes sense that you might want to transfer all of the content on your own. In those cases, you can hire a ScreenSteps coach to train your team on how to efficiently transfer your content into ScreenSteps.

In this option, your team does the heavy lifting, and we provide hands-on support.

Your team of authors can meet with a member of the ScreenSteps team on a weekly basis to answer any questions. Our coaches will guide them through the process, provide tips, and explain best practices.

These coaching meetings go beyond the initial migration of content. During these meetings, your authoring team will learn how to take full advantage of the ScreenSteps formatting options, organization, and search optimization.

One factor to consider is where you’ve documented your procedures in the past. Depending on the type of file you are transferring — PowerPoint, Excel, Word, a wiki, or PDF — the content migration could take a matter of days or months.

2. We can do the migration for you

Migrating content into ScreenSteps isn’t difficult to do, but it can be very time-consuming. If you and your team don’t have the bandwidth to migrate your existing content, our team will take care of everything.

In this case, ScreenSteps does the heavy lifting, leaving you and your team to handle other implementation tasks.

We’ll set up a project where you provide us with the existing files and we’ll bring them into ScreenSteps. These articles will be pulled in exactly as they are on your existing files. They will be organized in standard articles — basic written guides — in your ScreenSteps knowledge base.

Once the content is in ScreenSteps, it will be up to your team to optimize the content and update the formatting, search optimization, and organization.

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3. We can migrate AND optimize your content

In this final option, ScreenSteps does all of the heavy lifting surrounding preparing your knowledge base content for launch.

Our team can migrate content into ScreenSteps and optimize the content for you. As part of this process, the ScreenSteps team will utilize our formatting options, search optimization, and organization tools.

Some of the optimization offerings include:

  • Tweaking titles to align with what end-users are searching for
  • Organizing articles
  • Formatting content and utilizing features such as foldable sections, paragraph styles, checklists, and workflows

When we’re done, you have a fully functioning ScreenSteps site that is ready to go.

Note: You can also add coaching if you choose to have ScreenSteps migrate and optimize your content. In that case, coaching hours will help train your authoring team on how to maintain your ScreenSteps site and come up with an overall content strategy.

How much do consulting services cost?

As you can guess, the price differs for all three options. Offering our support while your team does the heavy lifting costs less than if we were to do everything for you.

Some the factors that influence the cost of the consulting services include:

  • Number of coaching hours
  • Size of the authoring team
  • How much content you have to migrate
  • The format/files the documents are in

Each consulting service — whether that includes coaching and/or migration services — is customized for your company and your unique situation.

See how ScreenSteps can help your team launch sooner

Transferring your existing content into a new system can be time-consuming and draining. It takes a lot of energy to learn a new system and then get everything in that system to prepare for a launch.

Our expert coaches can help you launch your ScreenSteps site sooner. While it can take your team 2 days to 2 months to migrate content, our team will complete the task in 2-5 days.

Want help from ScreenSteps coaches to help migrate content or coach your team?

Schedule a time to talk to one of our representatives to see how we can help you hit your target launch date. They will listen to your company’s circumstances and needs to prepare a support plan for you.

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