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By: Jonathan DeVore on December 6th, 2021

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How Can You Use ScreenSteps With Your Corporate Training? [VIDEO]

Creating a corporate training program for your company is challenging. There are multiple training resources out there and it's difficult to know which will be the most helpful for your employees.

When people learn about ScreenSteps, they often get excited about the knowledge base technology. Then they aren't quite sure what to do with ScreenSteps. As Head Consultant at ScreenSteps, I hear a lot of these questions:

In this video, I'll answer all these questions so that you can get an idea of whether ScreenSteps would be a helpful addition to your corporate training strategy.

First, we'll examine the training framework by going over the Train, Transfer, Sustain Model by Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher.

Then I'll provide a high-level overview of how ScreenSteps fits into your corporate training program.

How to support your employees during and after training 

When you train your employees to use your policies and procedures on the job, you are providing them with constant support. These help guides prevent employee performance from dipping.

ScreenSteps makes your policies and procedures more accessible by collecting them in one location and making your guides easy to find.

Want to learn more about how ScreenSteps could support your corporate training program? Sign up for a 14-day free trial and schedule a demo to examine your company's unique situation. 

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