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By: Jonathan DeVore on May 3rd, 2021

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Is it Bad to Have a High Number of Article Views in ScreenSteps? [VIDEO]

You recently finished training a new hire class. As the good trainer that you are, you decide to check in on the new employees. To prepare, you pull up your ScreenSteps analytics. 

The ScreenSteps analytics show that the new hires are frequently using your knowledge base to complete tasks. There are hundreds of views in the last month, and you notice that a few users are even referring to the same articles again and again.

Stephanie has looked at "How to run a credit check" 15 times and Raul has viewed "How to exchange Product A" 12 times.

You start to wonder: "Oh no, does that mean I didn't teach them enough in training? Did the new hires not learn everything they were supposed to?"

It makes sense that you'd be concerned. Traditionally, Learning & Development's job is to train employees so that all of the procedures are memorized. The expectation is that after a perfectly run training event, employees will be able to perform flawlessly without needing any reminders. 

If employees ask a lot of questions after training or need to look up procedures again, that's a failure, right?


As a trainer, the purpose of training is simple — to improve employee performance. NOT to get everyone to memorize everything.  

The fact is that nobody can memorize everything that is covered during a training event. 

So, if you aren't measuring training success by how much your employees remember, then how do you measure training success when you are using ScreenSteps?

Watch this 3-minute video for how to shift your perspective on how to measure your training program's success. 

Measure Training Success

Simply put, it is a good thing if your employees are using your knowledge base, especially when compliance and consistency are a priority.

If your employees aren't using the knowledge base and instead are asking leaders for help, you may need to update your guides — it means that your guides are not complete/reliable.

If you're not sure why employees continue to email you the questions they have instead of turning to your knowledge base, download this self-assessment to help you figure out why.

Download Self-Assessment

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