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By: Jonathan DeVore on February 11th, 2021

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No bandwidth to create content? Apply this new habit

You've decided to try ScreenSteps and you know you need to create content to fill your knowledge base — but the reality is you don't have any bandwidth left to get it done. 

If you are busy and trying to figure out how to make time to squeeze in content creation along with all of your other assignments, this new habit is for you.

In this video, I'll show you how to switch your existing habit of answering questions via email to writing your answers as an article in ScreenSteps.

And it only takes a few minutes!

That's the same amount of time you take to answer a question through email except this answer will live in your knowledge base. All of your employees can access this answer moving forward.

Want to start filling your knowledge base without losing more of your time? Watch the 4-minute video below for simple tips to get started.

ScreenSteps Habit Final

If creating content for your ScreenSteps knowledge base is overwhelming and you think you might need help, our representatives can help you develop a content strategy.

Meet with a ScreenSteps representative to see how we can help you fill your knowledge base.

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