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By: Greg DeVore on January 11th, 2010

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Paste Adjustments in Screenflow With a Video Action


This is a follow up to the post from last week about pasting adjustments in Screenflow. A tricky situation can arise if you are pasting adjustments from a clip that has a video action on it.

3 Different Pan/Zoom Settings

Here we have two clips but there are actually three pan and zoom settings.
  1. There is the initial pan and zoom setting of the first clip. This consists of the x/y coordinate of the video and the zoom setting.
  2. Next we have a video action. All a video action does is allow you to set a new x/y coordinate and zoom setting for the clip. The video action then animates the transition between the original pan/zoom setting and the new pan/zoom setting to create the pan/zoom visual effect.
  3. The new clip has its own pan (x/y coordinate) and zoom setting.

Let's say that we want to copy the zoom settings from clip 1 to clip 2. At the beginning of the clip (1) the zoom is set to 100%. At the end of the clip, after the video action the zoom is set to 300%. At the beginning of the 2nd clip (3) the zoom is set to 100%.

What we want is to change the zoom setting of the 2nd clip (3) to 300%.

The Wrong Approach

Here I have placed the playhead at the end of clip 1. What I will see on the screen is a zoom of 300% because I have the playhead placed after the video action. So I might think that I am copying a zoom setting of 300%. BUT I AM NOT. The Edit > Copy command copies what is selected, not what is under the playhead. If I copy right now I will be copying a zoom setting of 100%.

The Right Way


Now I have the video action selected. If I select Edit > Copy I will be copying a zoom setting of 300%.



Now just select the 2nd clip and choose Edit > Paste Adjustments > Video and you will be applying the 300% zoom to the 2nd clip.

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