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The Ultimate How-to Guide for Creating Killer Documentation

Greg DeVore - Feb 16, 2012 7:12:00 AM

We have been talking a lot lately about the importance of providing road maps for our customers. As we looked at our own customer education material we realized that while we offered a lot of documentation tips, we didn't have a clear guide that helped our customers establish and implement a successful documentation strategy.

Some customers were able to piece together a complete strategy from the articles we produced, but to do so they had to bounce around to a lot of different places.

Bouncing around is bad. We wanted to make it dead simple for our customers to get the information they needed to be successful. That is why we created our new "How to Create Killer Documentation" site. This guide takes you through everything you need to know to create and benefit from great documentation.

Who is it for?

The site is targeted at two types of businesses:

  • Businesses that use documentation to communicate with their customers (customer support)
  • Businesses that use documentation to improve their operations (process documentation)

What does the site contain?

The site contains information assembled from our best articles and videos over the years. We have organized it so that you can start at the beginning and quickly learn:

  • How documentation can make a difference in your organization
  • What goals you should set for your documentation in the short and long term
  • How to know what to write and when to write it
  • How to properly structure help articles
  • How to make sure your documentation gets used

So, go check it out. We hope that you find this "road map" helps you transform your business with a better, simpler documentation methodology.

Topics: Software Documentation Tips- Customer Success- Documentation Managers

Greg DeVore

Greg DeVore

CEO of ScreenSteps

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