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By: Brittany Good on March 28th, 2024

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3 Ways ScreenSteps Helps Your Credit Union

Is your credit union struggling with operations? Is onboarding new hires challenging? Do you want to create a better member experience?

ScreenSteps can help credit unions overcome those challenges. ScreenSteps is a knowledge ops solution that helps credit unions and other businesses transfer knowledge more efficiently.

How exactly does ScreenSteps help credit unions?

Watch the 3-minute video for 3 ways ScreenSteps helps improve knowledge transfer at credit unions.

1. Create consistency in operations

At a credit union, you want your members to have a consistent experience no matter which branch they go to or the teller they interact with.

ScreenSteps helps your credit union achieve that consistency. With the ScreenSteps knowledge ops platform, you have a single source of truth. The knowledge ops platform is a centralized hub for documenting your standard operating procedures (SOPs)

When you document your SOPs in ScreenSteps, it makes it easy for employees to access guides, keep them up to date, and scan them while they are interacting with members. You enable a more consistent member experience.

Credit Union Job Aid Template

2. Improve employee onboarding & training

The ScreenSteps knowledge ops solution offers both software tools and a methodology to help credit unions onboard new hires more efficiently.

Besides the tools for documenting and organizing your SOPs, the ScreenSteps knowledge ops platform also includes Courses and Learning Paths. Courses and Learning Paths are foundational courses in text or video format.

Additionally, ScreenSteps developed the Find & Follow Framework to help credit unions train employees to be more confident and independent. Learn more about the Find & Follow Framework with this free 30-minute course

3. Improve searchability & compliance

What's the point of having SOPs if no one can find them? The Google-like search engine in the ScreenSteps ops platform helps employees find the guide they need in as few as two clicks

To improve the findability of your articles, you can add keywords and tags to digital guides. Beyond search, employees can bookmark digital guides that they use frequently and quickly access them in the browser extension.

Because of these features, supervisors can spend less time answering questions and more time working on their assigned projects.

Plus, it is easier for content owners to keep these guides up-to-date and compliant because of the content certification feature. Content Certification reminds digital guide owners to review and certify the accuracy of your SOPs regularly

Then you can announce changes to your employees through internal notifications and acknowledgement features.

Everyone is on the same page. Everyone is compliant.

Make your complex credit union more manageable

Your credit union deals with a lot of complexity. With the right tools and frameworks, you can simplify those complexities.

ScreenSteps makes the complex manageable. Our knowledge ops solution helps your credit union:

  • Improve your operations
  • Elevate your training (and make it more efficient)
  • Increase compliance
  • Improve consistency 
  • & more

Want to see how ScreenSteps can help your credit union reach your goals?

Schedule a time to talk to a ScreenSteps expert. Our experts are well-versed in the challenges credit unions face and can help you determine if ScreenSteps would help solve those problems you are looking to overcome.

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