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By: Jonathan DeVore on March 8th, 2023

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What Type of Article Should You Create for a Step-by-Step Procedure?

Writing line-by-line directions in a basic text document isn't the only way to document your standard operating procedures.

If you are responsible for documentation at your company, you've probably realized that sometimes a basic text document doesn't cut it when it comes to creating job aids for step-by-step procedures.

Luckily, there are more options. Your main options include a how-to, checklist, and workflow article

Each of these article types has different approaches to presenting step-by-step instructions. In varying scenarios, one article may be better than another to clearly and quickly communicate to the end-user what they need to do.

So, how do you know which of these to use when writing your article?

That's what this short video is about. Working as a content coach over the past decade, I've learned to ask specific questions to help me discern which type of article I should use to write my job aids. Now, I'm passing those questions on to you.

Watch this 2.5-minute video to learn different situations for when you would use each of these article types.

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Create digital guides that are easy for end-users to find and follow

Knowing what to write and how to present instructions can be challenging. These questions will help you figure out which type of article to write the next time you need to document step-by-step instructions.

With a ScreenSteps knowledge base, it is faster and easier to document all your job aids. Whether you create a how-to, checklist, or workflow article, a ScreenSteps knowledge base helps you easily (and quickly) document your instructions.

One customer was able to create 4x the guides in 1/4 of the time when they adopted ScreenSteps.

Want more tips on how to improve your digital guides?

Access this on-demand webinar for free. In this webinar, our experts teach key principles on how to create clear digital guides that help your end-users handle tasks from start to finish. They even share a before and after shot as an example to help you makeover your digital guides.

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