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By: Jonathan DeVore on September 17th, 2020

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What Would ScreenSteps Consulting and Implementation Services Help Me Do?


When you purchase ScreenSteps, you may need help migrating your existing processes and procedures into ScreenSteps and/or creating new ones from scratch. You can either do it all yourself, or you can partner with us to help out. Check out the video below and keep reading to see what the ScreenSteps consulting and implementation services include, and whether it's something you should consider.

Consulting Services


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What does the process look like?

After working with hundreds of companies, we've developed a framework that will turn out the best results. Here's what it looks like:

Consulting Framework

The main thing that should be pointed out is that, if our goal were only to fill up your ScreenSteps knowledge base with procedures and user guides, our process would be pretty straight-forward: it would be – fill up ScreenSteps with procedures and user guides.


And to be honest, that's how we used to do our migration services. We would have customers send us their procedure manuals and guides, and we would migrate them into ScreenSteps. What we learned over the years, however, is that doesn't help a business achieve the results they want. So we've made modifications to how we do our consulting and migration services so that your team is not only thrilled with the ScreenSteps solution, but your business sees a measurable impact as well.

Here are the four phases of a consulting and migration engagement:

Discovery Phase

This first phase is called the discovery phase. This phase includes identifying your existing metrics and the metrics you want to hit. We also spend time looking at you current environment so we get a clear picture why your metrics are the way they are, and what will need to change in order to hit your goals. 

Design Migration Strategy Phase

In this second phase we put together the strategy and the plan for making it all happen. We determine how much of your content we’ll bring into ScreenSteps and how much will need to be created from scratch. We create prototypes and templates and dole out responsibilities. We also make sure that the design of our plan is going to work for your team. 

Migrate Content Phase

In the third phase, we execute. We migrate existing content over, we create call flows and articles, our team teaches your team how to use ScreenSteps and how to author amazing content that helps your employees do their job better, and we test out the materials with your employees.

One of the purposes of this phase is to build your team of authors so that when the consulting engagement is over, your team can continue to manage and maintain your ScreenSteps knowledge base. 

Launch & Refind Phase

When your content is ready to go, we launch. There’s still work to be done here, such as refining your guides and adding more (honestly, the work of knowledge management is never done). But the main focus of this phase is on training your end users on how to use ScreenSteps and adopting it. We help you develop a change management plan and, where we can, we help you execute it.

Want to learn more?

If you haven't already, check out the video above to learn more. Or, you can contact our ScreenSteps specialists to see a demo of how we can help, and talk about what the next steps would be if you were to partner with the ScreenSteps team.

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