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By: Jonathan DeVore on June 19th, 2024

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Which Comes First: A Change Initiative or Knowledge Transfer Strategy?

Do you have an upcoming change initiative in your business?

You may be implementing a new system, undergoing a core conversion, or some other change management project. And you may be tempted to jump right into your change initiative — but there is something else you'll want to do first.

Before jumping into your change management project, you'll first want to get your knowledge operations in place.

When companies incorporate a knowledge transfer strategy, any type of change initiative is easier to adopt. That's because the knowledge transfer strategy is set up to help train employees and support them in their work.

As the Director of Implementation at ScreenSteps — a knowledge ops solution that helps businesses manage their knowledge and makes change easier — I've helped companies organize their knowledge before undergoing major changes.

And doing it in that order has saved them time and helped them avoid many headaches.

Watch this 3-minute video for a quick explanation of how getting your knowledge transfer plan in order first helps you better implement your change management project.

Adopt a knowledge transfer strategy to make your change initiative run smoother

When you have a knowledge transfer strategy, it is easier for your employees to adopt big and small changes. 

The Find & Follow Framework is a knowledge transfer strategy that makes it easier for companies and their employees to adopt change.

Find & Follow helps businesses create habits around knowledge that make it easier for employees to work more confidently and independently without making mistakes.

One Fortune-500 contact center used the Find & Follow Framework to implement a whole new department in 120 days — and the contact center achieved 90% service levels in that time frame. See their story here.

Take this free 30-minute course to learn more about how Find & Follow helps you transfer knowledge to your employees in the moment they need it, making it faster and easier to adapt to change.

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