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By: Jonathan DeVore on January 27th, 2022

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Help Users Get Unstuck: One Purpose of Your Knowledge Base [VIDEO]

When your employees get stuck on the job, what do they do?

They could ask a fellow co-worker or manager. Or, if you have a knowledge base, they can turn to your knowledge base and find answers in your help articles

Either way, getting stuck is frustrating and confusing for employees. They don't know what to do and it slows down their work.

In this 90 second video, I share a recent experience where I helped a customer with their ScreenSteps knowledge base. 

During this process, I gained insight into why it's important to create a knowledge base that helps your employee get unstuck, which I share with you in the video.

Plus, I share questions to ask yourself so that you can write articles that help employees get through their "stuck" moments.

How to write articles to help users get unstuck

If you want a knowledge base that helps employees solve their questions, then you start by writing clear articles. This includes both written and visual instructions. 

As you focus on helping your end-users get unstuck, your knowledge base will not look like a traditional corporate knowledge base. It will become more functional for your team.

With ScreenSteps, our content creation tools make it easy to draft help guides that are easy for employees to find and follow on the job. The integrated screen capture tool is a quick way to grab screenshots and annotate them so employees see each step they need to take.

Ready to write knowledge base articles that help employees get unstuck?

These four steps will help you discover the information you need to include as well as the approach you need to take when writing your knowledge base articles.

How to Create a Knowledge Base Article

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