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By: Jonathan DeVore on January 30th, 2024

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One Helpful Habit to Avoid Tribal Knowledge in Your Business

Small habitual changes can make a huge impact on your workflow.

Don’t believe me?

Then consider how you respond to chat messages when employees ask you how to perform a procedure.

Do you type out the instructions in a chat message? Or do you take this time-saving approach?

As the Head Consultant for ScreenSteps — a knowledge ops solution — I've seen how making a small tweak to how you answer your employees can make a world of difference in how your business operates.

What's that small tweak you can make today?

Watch this 2-minute video to find out. In the video, I share a tip on how to leverage your knowledge base to avoid tribal knowledge and better transfer knowledge to your employees.

Tribal Knowledge Cost Calculator

Keep your knowledge base up to date with the right software

Just a small shift in how you respond to questions can make a huge impact on your knowledge transfer. As you form this habit, you will be able to keep your knowledge base relevant and reliable.

To best execute this habit, it helps to have quick content creation tools. Depending on your knowledge base software, those tools will either make creating and updating guides easier or harder.

With a ScreenSteps knowledge ops platform, it takes minutes to update your guides. The simple content authoring tools — like integrated screen capture and block authoring — mean you can make changes in seconds. And then you can push those changes live immediately.

See how ScreenSteps  authoring tools work with the pre-recorded demo videos. These videos give you an overview of ScreenSteps and show you how different features work.

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