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By: Jonathan DeVore on January 10th, 2022

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How to Align Your Different Departments For Bank Compliance Training [VIDEO]

Recently, I went to a conference for bank trainers. As I talked to trainers and other bank leaders, everyone shared their two biggest annoyances:

  1. Compliance
  2. Compliance training

They were stressed over how to maintain compliance at their banks. And, their training programs weren't yielding the results they needed. So, they were looking for solutions. 

All departments have the goal of compliance. Representing ScreenSteps — a knowledge base software that helps banks support employees and maintain compliance — I've talked to many compliance trainers that are stuck.

I frequently recognize one common misstep. The misstep is that instead of different bank departments building off of each other for compliance training they are all working independently.

In this 4.5-minute video, I'll go over how to align your different departments to achieve your common goal of achieving compliance.

Plus, I also explain how aligning your compliance departments will benefit your bank. (Spoiler: It includes fewer questions and fewer mistakes.)

Align Compliance Training Goals

Align your team by documenting policies procedures

One step to maintaining compliance is making your policies and procedures more accessible. It helps to have a tool — like a document library or knowledge base — that collects all of your resources in one location.

With ScreenSteps, you can easily create and update your bank's policies and procedures. Then agents can find these resources in as little as two clicks while in the workflow. That means they aren't stopping to learn a new skill or concept. 

See how ScreenSteps can help your bank align your team and achieve your compliance goals.

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