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By: Greg DeVore on February 7th, 2019

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How to fill your knowledge base in less time

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THE biggest challenge that we see companies encounter is getting started creating content.Creation Flow

We see two camps:

  • The "Document Everything We Can Think of" crowd
  • The "Create the Perfect Plan Before We Start" crowd

They both run into trouble. The first group starts out really strong, but quickly gets burned out. The worst part is they spend a lot of time writing articles that no one ever uses.

The 2nd groups spends so much time planning that they never create any content.

You need to accept two "truths":

  1. No plan is perfect
  2. You can't anticipate every question

A process that delivers instant results (and doesn't require a lot of work)

The goal of a knowledge base is to help people help themselves. Follow this approach to grow your knowledge base content without doing a lot of planning.

  1. When a question comes in, see if it is answered in your knowledge base.
  2. If it is, send the link to the answer
  3. If it isn't, create the answer in the knowledge base, and then send the link

Download a PDF diagram of the process

If you would like to see the full process diagramed you can download a PDF flow chart here.

It is very simple, but very effective.

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