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By: Jonathan DeVore on September 2nd, 2020

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How Will My Call Center Reps Use ScreenSteps?


If you're thinking about using ScreenSteps for your call center, one question that usually comes up is, "What will this look like for my reps when they use it?"

That's a great question! You don't want to use a solution that isn't going to work for your organization, so getting some intel on what ScreenSteps will actually look like when your reps have it pulled up on their screen is a wise move.

In this video, you'll see how and when ScreenSteps would be used by your reps, what it looks like to use the different types of resources, how they can organize ScreenSteps on their desktop/laptop computer, and you'll learn a few tips for improving adoption of ScreenSteps.

You can also download this checklist to help you prepare to Launch ScreenSteps successfully >> Download the checklist.

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