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By: Rebecca Lane on April 6th, 2021

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Learning Cluster Design: A Conversation With Crystal Kadakia (Part 1)

This is Part 1 of a 2-part video interview series between Greg DeVore, CEO of ScreenSteps, and Crystal Kadakia, Co-Founder of Learning Cluster Design. Watch Part 2 here.

People don't learn in the same ways they did 20 years ago. And, yet, often companies are using the same old one-and-done approach to training. 

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Companies ask their employees to learn a concept by memorizing it, but don't teach their employees how to adapt to varying circumstances or how to handle a rare situation. 

That's where Learning Cluster Design comes in. Learning Cluster Design (LCD) is a way of rethinking the modern workplace. It helps Learning and Development (L&D) teams teach their clients how to adapt to common and uncommon tasks at work.

Greg DeVore, CEO of ScreenSteps, sat down with LCD Co-Founder Crystal Kadakia to discuss how trainers could benefit from this new L&D approach. Kadakia is an international keynote speaker and co-author of Designing for Modern Learning.

In this video discussion, they address five questions:

  • 0:25 - If we can remove the need to learn procedures and policies, how does that free us up to invest our brain space in higher-level learning?
  • 2:46 - How does the LCD model account for all types of levels and skills?
  • 6:11 - What would a strategic performance objective (SPO) look like, and how it might combine different types of content and skills?
  • 10:20 - How does removing procedural training impact a learner's performance?
  • 12:18 - Where can you learn more about the LCD model?
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ScreenSteps is a cloud-based searchable knowledge base that uses principles found in the Learning Cluster Design. This includes enabling employees by not requiring them to memorize procedures and policies, called Zero Memorization.

Learn more about the Learn Cluster Design module at To learn more about creating training content, watch Part 2 of the video interview series here.

If you are looking for a knowledge base to support your Learning Cluster Design training, learn more about ScreenSteps and Zero Memorization by clicking below.

Learn More About Zero Memorization

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