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By: Jonathan DeVore on April 19th, 2022

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4 Tips For Creating Knowledge Base Article Titles [VIDEO]

How should you title your knowledge base articles? 

When you write knowledge base articles for your company, it is tempting to title your help guides using detailed descriptions or internal jargon. However, titling your articles this way often makes your articles difficult for your end-users to find

As the Director of Transformational Services at ScreenSteps — a knowledge base software company — I've coached knowledge management leaders to help make it easier for end-users to search for knowledge base articles.

One popular tip I share is to write articles in a way that your customers would ask a question or make a request. You can better understand what those titles should be by creating four lists.

If you’re in charge of knowledge management in your department, watch this 1-minute video for four tips that will help you create the article titles for your knowledge base.

Write clear knowledge base articles any employee could follow

Now that you have your titles figured out, you can focus on writing clear knowledge base articles. The articles will answer the question that is the title of your article.

In a ScreenSteps knowledge base, it is fast and easy to write help guides and share them with your team. You can create 4X the amount of articles in 1/4 of the time with the powerful authoring tools.

Ready to write knowledge base articles?

Use these four tips to write knowledge base articles that are easy for employees to follow.  

How to Create a Knowledge Base Article

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