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By: Jonathan DeVore on June 28th, 2022

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Expand Your Knowledge Base Authoring Team With These 5 Tips [VIDEO]

Building a company knowledge base takes a lot of work. 

It's overwhelming to keep track of all the new articles you need to write, updates you need to make, and knowledge-base operations you need to manage. That adds up to more than a 40-hour per week job. 

As much as you want to do it all yourself, the reality is you need help. 

So, you need other people to help you out. And the key to getting help is making it as simple as possible for others to create content.

As the Director of Transformational Services at ScreenSteps — a knowledge base software that simplifies documentation — I've worked with many knowledge managers at different companies to help them collaborate more with their teams.

Watch the 2.5-minute video for 5 tips on how to get more people to collaborate with you to build your internal knowledge base. Specifically, these tips were made with ScreenSteps in mind, but you can apply most of them to any knowledge base.

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Make it easy to collaborate with the right knowledge base tools

When teamwork is part of building out your knowledge base, you create a single source of truth that everyone at your company can rely on. If you need help creating articles, make it as easy as possible for helpers to chip in.

With ScreenSteps, our collection of simple yet powerful features makes it fast and easy to assign user permission and create articles. One customer was able to write new knowledge base articles in 75% less time.

Watch these pre-recorded videos to see how the ScreenSteps authoring tools make it easy for you to delegate writing to designated employees. 

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