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By: Jonathan DeVore on August 3rd, 2021

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How to Turn Your Flowcharts and Process Maps Into Procedures Using ScreenSteps [Video]

Process maps and flowcharts are great for planning. But the feedback we hear from most people who use them as procedures is that they’re not fans.

Why? It is difficult for their employees to follow the procedure in real-time as they perform a task or take a call from a customer. Employees get frustrated as they scroll down a page looking for the next step.

So, how can you turn this into a procedure that’s easy for your employees or call center reps to follow?

You create interactive workflow articles. Using the workflow article, we remove any confusion about what is supposed to be done. There’s no, “Jump down to step 15” or nested lists within nested lists.

In the video below, I show you how to turn a simple process map or a flowchart into a procedure in ScreenSteps using the ScreenSteps Workflow Article.

See how your flowcharts and process maps look in ScreenSteps

While flowcharts and process maps can help employees follow a procedure, they also have their limitations, especially when it comes to more complex procedures. 

With ScreenSteps, you can turn your flowcharts and process maps into interactive workflow articles. Want to see how your flowcharts and process maps would look in a ScreenSteps Workflow Article? 

If you don't have the workflow articles feature as part of your ScreenSteps plan, talk to a representative about trying it out.

If you don't have a ScreenStep plan, you can sign-up for a 14-day free trial. During your free trial, you will be able to author articles in ScreenSteps and see how they would look for your end-users.

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