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By: Jonathan DeVore on March 31st, 2022

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5 Types of Articles For Your Knowledge Base [VIDEO]

If you’re in charge of knowledge management and you’re creating a knowledge base for your department, you might have the question:

“What should I include in the knowledge base?”

There are many different types of knowledge base articles — both in the information they contain and how they are designed — that you can create. 

As part of my content coaching role at ScreenSteps, a knowledge base software company, I've helped knowledge management professionals decide what to include in their knowledge base.

Instead of asking, "What should I include?" I have them ask, “When are employees getting stuck and what information do they need?”

Watch this 1.5-minute video to learn the five types of articles that will help your employees in different situations.

Fill your knowledge base with guides employees can easily follow

If you create these five different types of articles for your knowledge base (and you write clear instructions), your employees will turn to your knowledge base for answers.

Employees will use your knowledge base when they need:

  1. Help to make decisions
  2. To know how to perform a task or procedure
  3. For clerical information
  4. To troubleshoot problems
  5. For prompts on what to say and do

ScreenSteps' knowledge base software makes it easy for you to create knowledge base articles for different situations. You can build step-by-step instructions with workflow articles, create checklists, or build a standard article. It's fast and easy. You can create 4X the articles in 1/4 the time.

Still need help brainstorming which content to include in your knowledge base? Download this free Find & Follow Workbook to help you organize your articles for your knowledge base.

Find & Follow Workbook

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