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By: Jonathan DeVore on October 21st, 2020

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Using the Workbook Download to Document Your Processes

Documentation | Call-Center

If you've downloaded the workbook to begin capturing your processes, you may be wondering, "How am I supposed to fill this thing out?"

To help you out, here's a 5-minute video that walks you through the steps of getting your knowledge out of your head and into a guide.

This is just the beginning

When the ScreenSteps team works with clients, one of the first activities we do is interview subject matter experts and get what's in their heads onto paper. This workbook helps you go through that same process of getting it out of your head onto "paper."

Next Steps...

After you go through this workbook, you will have a great start to creating guides that your reps can use to help them handle calls. To help you with that next step, check out this workshop we held for CCW's virtual event. You'll learn how to format your guides so that your reps can easily use them during calls, which will improve your reps' interactions with customers, improving your CSAT, QA, and AHT.

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