• Without a proper knowledge transfer strategy, your AI system will fail you.
  • The Find & Follow Framework is a knowledge transfer strategy that works hand-in-hand with AI. 
  • In the Prepare System, AI helps with brainstorming, outlining, and writing digital guides and foundational courses.
  • In the Train System, AI helps come up with a list of realistic practice scenarios.
  • In the Empower System, AI helps quickly deliver answers to your employees.
  • In the Adapt System, you form habits to ensure your AI pulls from an accurate knowledge source.
Jonathan DeVore

By: Jonathan DeVore on June 6th, 2024

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How AI Fits in With the Find & Follow Framework

Are you trying to figure out how AI fits into your business?

Welcome to the club. AI is impacting all aspects of business — including knowledge management and knowledge operations.

Unfortunately, when it comes to knowledge management, AI is not a fix-all. You can't just upload your standard operating procedures (SOPs) into AI and hope for the best. That is not a complete knowledge management strategy.

You need a knowledge transfer strategy that empowers your company to get the most out of AI. And the Find & Follow Framework — one part of the ScreenSteps knowledge ops solution — helps you do that.

The Find & Follow Framework helps you prepare and maintain the integrity of your single source of truth. And AI can help you in your efforts to do that.

Watch this 3-minute video to see how seamlessly the Four Systems of Find & Follow helps you get the most out of your AI system.

How AI works in the Four Systems of Find & Follow

The Four Systems of Find & Follow is a methodology that helps businesses transfer knowledge more efficiently. The four implementation phases enable you to train and empower employees to work more confidently and independently

So, why does that matter when you have AI?

Here's how Find & Follow works hand-in-hand with your AI system.

The Four Systems of Find & Follow: Prepare, Train, Empower, and Adapt.

1. Prepare System

The Prepare System is about developing a plan for how you will transfer your knowledge.

That means brainstorming a list of digital guides (i.e. policies and procedures) and training materials you need. Then it means preparing those resources before launch.

AI can help you generate and organize your content. And, of course, the most common use of AI is to outline and write your digital guides. 

But don't forget, you can also use AI to outline your foundational courses

2. Train System

An important part of any employee training curriculum is hands-on experience.

For new hires to get that hands-on experience, you need to know what real-life situations they'll experience in their jobs. 

In the Train System, you can use AI to brainstorm realistic practice scenarios to simulate during training. New hires can role-play this list of ideas so they can learn how to handle different situations.

3. Empower System

The level of AI's involvement in the Empower System is dependent on which AI features are included in your knowledge management system

Different AI tools have different capabilities. Some of these AI features included in knowledge base software and other knowledge management applications include:

  • Article summaries
  • SERPs
  • Chatbots
  • & more

The goal of these features is to deliver quick answers to your employees while they are in their workflow. The answers are at their fingertips. 

4. Adapt System

Finally, the Adapt System helps you form habits to validate and certify your knowledge base articles

Your AI system is only as good as the information you feed it. If your AI is pulling from outdated and inaccurate guides, it feeds your employees and customers incorrect information. 

That means more mistakes and more disgruntled and frustrated customers.

AI alone won't improve knowledge transfer 

Many knowledge management systems, including ScreenSteps, are starting to offer AI features to improve knowledge transfer and speed up the knowledge transfer process — which is great.

However, you should use caution when selecting software solely for the purpose of AI.

To make sure your AI-powered knowledge base works properly, YOU STILL NEED A KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER STRATEGY so your AI can feed your team the right information.

Without a knowledge transfer strategy, your AI will serve up inaccurate information, contradicting answers, and frustrating results.

Get the most out of your AI system & empower employees

AI is powerful tool. Really, it is great!

Just make sure you pair that AI with a knowledge transfer strategy to support it — like the Find & Follow Framework.

Companies that use Find & Follow have been able to onboard employees more than 50% faster. Employees have answers to their questions in seconds.

ScreenSteps has developed a knowledge ops platform built off the Find & Follow Framework. The software includes AI features that aid in the different phases of the framework. 

Reach out to a ScreenSteps expert to learn more about the Find & Follow Framework as well as the knowledge ops platform AI features.

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