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By: Rebecca Lane on May 1st, 2022

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A Beginner’s Guide to Knowledge Base Articles

Maybe you are looking at new knowledge base software. Or maybe you’ve purchased knowledge base software recently.  Either way, you know you need to prepare to fill your knowledge base with content.

Your knowledge base needs knowledge base articles. So, what are knowledge base articles? And how do you use them?

Working for ScreenSteps — a knowledge base software company that makes writing and sharing knowledge base articles easy — I’ve learned that up-to-date and optimized knowledge base articles are critical to the success of your knowledge base.

In this article, I go over the basics of knowledge base articles. That way, you can start brainstorming which content to include in your knowledge base and create a plan for your knowledge base content.

What is a knowledge base article?

A knowledge base article is your documentation that answers common questions your end-users have when they are gathering information or performing tasks.

It is a resource you store in your company knowledge base. It is your knowledge base content. It is your documentation that explains what end-users need to know and do.

Ultimately, your knowledge base articles are any documented resource that helps your end-users get unstuck. That is, when your end-users have questions, they can search your knowledge base for answers and pull up a knowledge base article that answers their questions so they can move on to the next step.

You write knowledge base articles for varying skill levels, so a new hire needs to be able to reference a knowledge base article that a tenured employee can also follow. Your knowledge base articles are help guides for your end-users.

9 types of knowledge base articles

There are many different types of knowledge base articles. The different types of knowledge base articles are about what information you are sharing and how you are sharing that information. Which format are you using?

Here are a few of the different types of knowledge base articles you can create:

  1. Policies
  2. Procedures
  3. FAQs
  4. Reference guides
  5. How-to guides
  6. Troubleshooting guides
  7. Checklists
  8. Call flows
  9. Call center scripts

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Determine which knowledge base articles you need

Which knowledge base articles should you include in your knowledge base? As you write knowledge base articles to support your end-users and help them when they are stuck, you will create a variety of resources.

With ScreenSteps authoring tools, it’s fast and easy to create knowledge base articles. Using integrated screen capture, foldable sections, workflow articles, and more, you can write articles that are simple for new and tenured employees to follow.

Need help deciding which knowledge base articles you need to write?

Download this free workbook to brainstorm knowledge base articles that you need to write for your knowledge base.

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