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By: Jonathan DeVore on December 14th, 2021

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How ScreenSteps Helps Call Centers Reduce Call Escalation [VIDEO]

At a call center, you track a variety of metrics to ensure your call center agents are performing at the optimal level. 

One metric call centers want to improve is call escalation. Call escalation causes your call center team leads and management a lot of headaches. Plus, it consumes too much of their time. And, ultimately, it costs your company money.

It makes sense that you want to reduce the number of calls that get escalated. The problem is, how do you do that? 

As Director of Transformational Services at ScreenSteps — a knowledge base software company — I've helped call centers write clearer call flows and document concise policies and procedures. This has helped improve call center agent efficiency. 

Watch this 3.5-minute video to see how you can reduce call escalation by using ScreenSteps. Plus, I provide situations to help you know whether ScreenSteps will be a good fit for your company.

Help agents become more self-reliant

You need your call center agents to be self-reliant. They need to be able to handle calls on their own even when the call becomes more difficult.

By providing your call center agents with the right tools, they will be able to handle more calls and won't need to escalate as many calls.

ScreenSteps is a software solution that helps you create, store, and share call flows and help guides with your call center agents. With ScreenSteps' software, agents have answers at their fingertips in as little as two clicks.

Want to see more? If your call center agents handle troubleshooting calls and you want to decrease escalations, schedule a time to talk to a ScreenSteps representative.

Our ScreenSteps team will learn more about your situation and help you know if ScreenSteps is a solution that can help you reach your metric goals.

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