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By: Jonathan DeVore on March 1st, 2022

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Knowledge Base UX: Why You Need End-User Feedback on Your Articles [VIDEO]

Having helped hundreds of people create knowledge bases in ScreenSteps over the past 10 years, I often get asked to look at policies, procedures, and knowledge base articles and give feedback on whether they look good or not.

While I do have opinions and I’m happy to share them, I’ve found that a great source for feedback is the end-users who are looking at the knowledge base.

So, if you’re creating an internal knowledge base for employees, I recommend asking your end-users a few questions:

  • What do they think of your 45-page procedure?
  • How easy is it to read your 15-page policy?
  • How easy is it to use your spreadsheet with 20 tabs along the bottom?

Depending on their answers, you may be able to leave your knowledge base articles as they are or may need to make updates. 

Watch this one-minute video to learn more about getting end-user feedback and how to measure the impact of your knowledge base.

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How to receive end-user feedback with ScreenSteps

In the end, the purpose of your knowledge base articles is to help your employees respond to different situations they encounter on the job. Your knowledge base articles should be easy for your employees to find and use.

It's important to have a plan so that you can receive regular feedback from your employees on your articles. After all, they are on the frontlines, they use your knowledge base articles every day, and they'll be the first to know if something isn't right.

At ScreenSteps, our knowledge base software makes it fast and easy for you to author help guides to aid your employees. Plus, your employees — no matter their role — can easily provide feedback if they find articles are missing information or are confusing.

See two options for receiving feedback from employees in a ScreenSteps knowledge base.

Options For End-User Feedback

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