You’re preparing for a big nCino implementation in your company and you’ve been looking for a way to train and support your employees with the new system. 

That’s when you came across ScreenSteps. And you're optimistic about how the knowledge base software could help smooth the transition into nCino. But you still have one holdup. 

You’re wondering, are we going to be paying a lot of money for a solution that only works for nCino? After all, nCino isn’t the only software you use for your business operations. 

Thankfully, you can use ScreenSteps for other applications. In fact, many companies that begin using ScreenSteps for one project eventually expand usage. They begin writing every policy, procedure, process, and job aid in ScreenSteps. It becomes a one-stop shop for everything related to operations.

As Customer Success Advocate, I’ve helped companies set up their accounts so that they can seamlessly use ScreenSteps to aid employees on multiple applications. 

Here are some answers to common questions we get when banks are considering using ScreenSteps for other applications outside of nCino:

Jonathan DeVore

By: Jonathan DeVore on May 28th, 2021

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Can I Use ScreenSteps For More Applications Than nCino?

What other types of applications could I use ScreenSteps with?

ScreenSteps primarily helps in three situations in a company: 

  1. Documenting and organizing procedures
  2. Training employees
  3. Assisting employees on the job

That means ScreenSteps can work with most web-based applications. ScreenSteps comes with a Chrome extension that allows for you to include context-sensitive help for web applications and it works for any web app you use.

Once you’ve downloaded your Chrome extension, you can set cues for your context-sensitive help in ScreenSteps. You’ll be able to recommend certain articles when you are working in different applications.

The type of web-based applications you can use are across a wide range of departments. ScreenSteps can help with any business operation. In addition to nCino, here is a non-comprehensive list of the types of applications your could use ScreenSteps for:

  • IT systems
  • HR systems
  • Marketing systems
  • Procurement systems
  • Scheduling systems

More specifically, we’ve had other clients use ScreenSteps to help employees with all the Salesforce applications, Oracle, and more. 

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Can I see reports on who is looking at specific content?

Analytics03As you begin to expand usage of ScreenSteps, you’ll want to keep tabs on who is viewing your materials and which materials are being viewed. 

In Reports, you can easily filter to see specific groups of people and the content they are viewing. This helps you emphasize implementation for employees, measure your teams’ usage in different applications, and know how to update your knowledge base to be more helpful.

Does it cost more to use additional apps?

You can include as much documentation for as many applications as you’d like in ScreenSteps. There is no additional cost to use ScreenSteps with different applications. 

At ScreenSteps, we don’t limit the number of apps you can use with the knowledge base software. Nor do we limit the number of articles you create and store in ScreenSteps. 

Our plans are based on the number of monthly active users your company has using ScreenSteps. So if you have employees that use ScreenSteps to help with nCino and another site for scheduling, then you won’t have an extra cost. 

However, if you expand your company’s usage of ScreenSteps to another application that requires more users, then you will be charged for the additional users.

Will I need to add more users and contributors if I add more applications?

Chances are that if you add new applications, you are going to need to add new users and contributors. Users are your end-users, so your employees who are using the help guides to aid them with nCino and other applications. Contributors are the content authors on your team. 

When you started with ScreenSteps, you probably had a limited number of people authoring content and adding job aids and user guides. 

When you expand ScreenSteps to help with other applications, it makes a lot of sense to expand the number of people who can create, review, and update content. 

The good news is that any of your users in ScreenSteps can be made contributors for no additional cost. You can even modify their permissions so that they can only edit certain job aids, or make edits but not publish updates. Or you can grant permission for workers to make notes but not modify the actual content.

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Does ScreenSteps charge additional fees if we add more users?

In short, yes. When you initially purchase ScreenSteps for your nCino rollout training, you typically only include the number of users who are going to access nCino. 

If you want to expand the use of ScreenSteps to more users outside of those who can access nCino, then you will need to make sure that your ScreenSteps plan has an accurate number of monthly active users who will be able to access ScreenSteps. 

The exact cost depends on the number of users that you already have and the number of users you want to add. Reach out to the ScreenSteps team for more information on user costs for your company.

How else will your company use ScreenSteps?

When you get ScreenSteps to support your employees using nCino, you can use ScreenSteps to aid employees on other applications. That is because we understand that businesses often use multiple applications. Businesses need different applications to complete the many tasks required of them. 

No matter the application, ScreenSteps simplifies the training and employee support process. The performance support software makes it quick and easy to document procedures. It provides convenient access to those articles and helps train employees faster.

Let our representatives know which other applications you use in your financial institution. They can help you understand how ScreenSteps can support your employees. 

Also, the reps can help you determine whether you will need to add users if you expand ScreenSteps to additional applications. 

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