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By: Jonathan DeVore on July 20th, 2021

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6 Ways to Grab Screenshots Using ScreenSteps [VIDEO]

Writing clear processes and procedures is challenging. You want your employees to be able to look at an article for the first time and be able to follow the steps.

One way to help clarify your processes and procedures is by providing both written and visual directions.

Often with knowledge base software companies and other documentation services, you have to integrate a third-party tool so you can easily capture screenshots and add them to your help guides.

Luckily, with ScreenSteps, you don't have to use the snippet tool or a third-party application to get screenshots. A built-in screen capture utility is included within the ScreenSteps desktop editor.

You no longer need to screenshot a frame, save it to the desktop, and then upload it to your article. 

Using these built-in screen capture tools, you'll save time and create your documented procedures faster. I've seen it make a huge difference for the companies I've worked with as Head Consultant of ScreenSteps. 

In the video below, I show you 6 different ways you can get screenshots into your ScreenSteps article using the built-in screen capture tools. Here's a quick summary of those points:

  1. Drag the screenshot content block into the outline area
  2. Click the capture button at the top of the editing page
  3. Use the capture palette
  4. Drag in an image content block
  5. Use the hotkey by hitting Shift + Contol + 1
  6. Replace existing screenshots by clicking the replace screenshot icon

Then watch the video to see how it's done.

Clarify procedures by adding annotations to your screenshots

Outside of screen capture tools, there are many ScreenSteps tools that help you clarify your instructions. This includes adding annotations to your screenshots.

Sometimes screenshots are busy and it is difficult for the reader to understand the purpose of a screenshot. Adding annotations helps your employees know exactly what to do. 

If you want to learn about using the annotation tools to draw arrows, numbers, and other things on your screenshots, make sure to check out the video I made where I walk you through the eight annotation options in ScreenSteps.

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